Wednesday's Korner
Wednesday Addams

Artist Charles Addams, creator of The Addams Family cartoons in the New Yorker, first began the popular cartoon a little over 60 years ago. His timeless, dark humor continues to be admired today.

For example, Darlene Copeland sent the Korner a picture of her tattoo of Wednesday Addams.

Here's her sincere letter:

I decided to get a tattoo when I was about twelve. A few months before my eighteenth birthday, I began to seriously consider what kind of tattoo I wanted, keeping in mind that I didn't want anything that anyone else would have or anything that would look dated in a few years. I have always loved the Addams Family TV show so I picked up a book of Charles Addams comics from the New Yorker. I narrowed down my choices and, the day after my eighteenth birthday, I went down to Tornado Tattoo in Little 5 Points, Atlanta, to have it done.

I absolutely love Charles Addams' sense of humor and his morose little family, especially the little girl, Wednesday. She's intelligent, crafty, dresses in black, gets upset about being on the honor roll, and enjoys attempting to murder her brother... what more could you want?!? Her family is the family of my dreams. They cut a hole in a wall just to have a picture window that looks out at a cemetery; they buy huge lizards for their children to play with, and the mother and father are "unhappily" married.

About me... My name is Darlene Copeland. I live in Lithia Springs, GA (about 20 mins. from Atlanta). I'm a French major/Dance minor at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA (I graduate in '99). I also study Japanese and am going into education (Preschool - 12th) to teach French and (hopefully) Japanese. I love music especially gothic, punk, and post-punk (ex. Virgin Prunes, Dead Kennedys, Suspiria, Specimen, Danielle Dax, The Damned, etc.).

Feel free to email Darlene and tell her you like her tattoo.

If there are any other Korner Dwellers with tattoos, send an email message and I'll arrange a way to include you too.