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...for the Morbid and Melancholy and those who need a soundtrack for their painful, bitter life.

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Sigur Rós 

NY Times Review of Iceland Airwaves 2000

Other Icelandic bands to check out:

find them on the Icelandic music web site



Kitchen Motors

Girls Against Boys are not currently on tour. But they have been touring as Gina Gershon's band. "Rocked with Gina Gershon is one of my favorite tv shows. :

Girls Against Boys band site.

Trust Obey's Fear and Bullets The Soundtrack to The Crow graphic novel on Invisible/Deezal. Fear and Bullets is sold in major record stores and comic book stores; ask about it with your local retailers. Lyrics are by John Bergin (Trust Obey) and James O'Barr, author/artist of The Crow. The soundtrack articulates the anger, sorrow, insanity, and revenge portrayed by Eric Draven, the major character in The Crow. The soundtrack guest stars Patrick McBride of Paved in Skin on "Sleeping Angel."

Angels of Light aka Michael Gira

Alchemic released by Jarboe.

News from 4AD Records

Elliott Smith's Either/Or(Kill Rock Stars)

Hear samples at
the Kill Rock Stars site

Marianne Faithfull

Arvo Pärt
Arvo Pärt's music is available from ECM Records.

Leonard Cohen


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Epic Soundtracks

Einsturzende Neubauten Ende Neu(Nothing/Interscope)
Blixa Bargeld Bytes