Wednesday's Korner
a report on Car Art

NEXT ARTCARFEST IS SEPTEMBER 2002 Below you'll see a few pictures from WestFest '97 which happened at the SOMAR GALLERY in San Francisco. Go to the official Artcars web site for more photos.

Cheri Brugman of Portland, Oregon drove her car down to San Francisco to participate in the exhibition. She first began drawing on her car in 1993, leaving enough "white space" to make it aesthetically pleasing. She added the flying saucer, made from a snow disk and then continued to use her car to express her fascination with western/cowboy themes. The lyric quote on the back of her car (click the thumbnail) is from the Nirvana song, "Pennyroyal Tea." Like most car artists, Cheri uses the dashboard as a "canvas" as well and considers her car to still be a work in progress. Ideally, Cheri's car is a vehicle to communicate to people what the owner is like using the doll parts, army men, bats and reptiles  to say who rather than what actually drives the car.

This contraption was also able to make frozen Margharitas by somehow attaching the blender to the engine and revving the motor.

Yes, that's Yoda in this lovely convertible.

This van had several sticker vending machines. There's a Volkswagon bug on the top. Sorry, no photo posted. Anyway, the stickers say, "Frozen bug not recommended," depicting little frozen bug ice cubes. If I hadn't been so in a hurry to vandalize something, you'd see a picture of them.

More Car Art Photos will be added soon. If you have a photo of an artsy car, send it to Wednesday's Korner.